NJ – Hoboken: Church of Our Lady of Grace

NJ – Hoboken: Church of Our Lady of Grace
Roman Church
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Founded in 1851 under the guidance of the Reverend Antonio Cauvin, Our Lady of Grace is one of the oldest Catholic parishes in the United States. When the existing structure at 400 Willow Street was built to the design of Hoboken resident Frances George Himpler (although some sources credit Patrick Healey), in 1875, it was the largest church in the state of New Jersey. One of the first churches in the United States to be built in German Gothic style, it is still one of the largest Roman Catholic Churches in the state. Gifts of paintings and ceremonial vessels were donated by Victor Emmanuel, Emperor Napoleon III and other Italian and French royalty when the church was dedicated.

New Jersey State Historic Register (1996)
National Register #96000550 (1996)