New Online International Christian Community is Forging the Way to Global Fellowship through Voice Video Conferencing

(PRWEB) December 4, 2005

World in Christ seeks to be a unique and uplifting look at meaningful Bible quotes leading to personal inspirational outlooks. World in Christ is a new Christian global community where people connect through live voice and text chat with optional web cam.

In addition to providing meaningful and thought provoking Bible Quotes, World in Christ is a christian gathering place where lovers of Christ and people who enjoy immersing themselves in everything about Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven on earth is about. If you love Jesus Christ or just want to learn more about what he did for you and the rest of the world then add World in Christ to your favorites list as a site to visit regularly. You never know what may be revealed to you that could be the turning point in your spiritual life. May peace be with you my friend and relation in humanity as you have arrived here as a seeker or teacher of spiritual truth and wisdom. World in Christ is a christian church and fellowship community.

Here at world in Christ we like to deliver up to the minute Christian news so you may keep on top of world events as they unfold. Coming soon as volunteers become available on live global christian chat will be live prayer requests through the live prayer room. If nobody seems to be in the room when you download your instant free access just know that God is always there with you. The Holy spirit is your internal guide and counsellor who hears all your prayers and supplications to God. If you trust in Jesus Christ with your prayer relationship then you will know your prayers are being heard by God almighty.

Peace be with you.

David Baker