New Book on Sacred Music and Traditional Hymns by Author, Classical Guitarist, and Church Musician Donn LeVie, Jr. Takes on Use of Contemporary Christian Music for Worship

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 25, 2008

Kings Crown Publishing of Austin, Texas announces the publication of “It’s All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship” by Donn LeVie, Jr. Praised by some of the world’s leading and respected authorities in the church music field, “It’s All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship” opens up new doors to dialogue, sheds new light on factors that influence the Western Christian worship model, and challenges all Christians to reassess how they approach the very act of worship. Author, classical guitarist, and church musician Donn LeVie, Jr. will also release a companion CD entitled, For HYMN, which will contain classical guitar arrangements of sacred music, traditional hymns, and inspired classical music on his Good Harbor Music label this fall.

A New Voice in the Worship Music Debate

With so many contemporary evangelical voices calling for “redefining”, “rethinking”, “remaking”, and “repackaging” Christian worship, LeVie’s voice brings a fresh perspective for reclaiming its sacred and traditional precepts for worshipping God through sung prayer. “It’s All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship” combines counsel from Scripture; the wisdom in voices of contemporary authorities and those from ages past; the power of logic and reason to repel fallacy, groupthink, and false justifications; and how art and architecture work in tandem to create the spaces that determine our worship model.

LeVie, a classically trained musician, has performed for many years in a variety of bands–some of which have opened for international music acts. He has also performed as a lead guitar player in contemporary praise band. LeVie now performs his arrangements of sacred and traditional church music for the classical guitar to houses of worship everywhere.

“It’s All About HYMN” Takes Non-Confrontational Approach to “Worship Wars”

LeVie writes with a non-threatening voice but one that challenges people’s assumptions about worship music: “I wanted to take a different approach on the ‘worship wars’ issue from that of other authors–one that was non-confrontational yet firm in its arguments,” says LeVie. “It’s All About HYMN has dozens of hard-hitting questions that music leaders, church musicians, and congregations need to address when it comes to selecting the most appropriate and highest quality music for worship. Contemporary worship must consider replacing worship music selected by personal preference with music that passes the scrutiny of biblical guidance, spiritual discernment, and the application of accepted church music aesthetic criteria. The entertainment paradigm many contemporary churches have embraced falls far short of fulfilling the hallowed purpose of worship.”

LeVie now focuses his musical interest in the classical arena, having studied with some renowned classical guitarists and teachers such as Nicholas Ciraldo, Adam Holzman, and Matthew Hinsley. LeVie is a former NOAA oceanographer, geologist/geophysicist for Phillips Petroleum (now Conoco-Phillips), and has more than 20 years experience in marketing and communications with Motorola, Intel, and Marvell Semiconductor.

“It’s All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship” is available now from and It will be in bookstores nationwide in September of this year. ISBN: 978-0-9814857-0-6; .99 retail; 288 pages; 13 chapters, 4 appendixes.

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