Mount Zion Restoration Ministries

Mount Zion Restoration Ministries
Church advertising
Image by Alan Stanton
13 June 2007 Mount Zion Restoration Ministries, London Miracle Centre, Marsh Lane N17.

Behind the sign and the brick wall was a blue container; with other containers on the right. The partly obscured brick building is the Locally Listed former Pumping Station.

"In 1991 Dr Abraham Daniel-Joel came to Europe as a faith missionary and started a church in London and called it Mount Zion Restoration Ministries. …. God laid it in his heart to buy a building in Tottenham Marsh Lane. God has blessed our ministry with a new sprung building which takes up to about 2000 people in capacity."

In June 2007 Pastor Daniel-Joel was advertising his book The Millionaire Blueprints – Ancient Secrets to Financial Wealth.


One of ten photos taken on 13 June 2007. ◄ previous photonext photo

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