Monroe, USA (Wisconsin) part 2 of 2

Monroe, USA (Wisconsin) part 2 of 2
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The Little Bell That Wouldn’t and the Little Broom That Could!

At noon on Saturday, October 24th, a few hardy souls from
the Monroe, Wisconsin community joined thousands of individuals in 181
countries to raise awareness about the danger of run-away climate
change. scheduled an International Climate Action Day and a
few of us in Monroe decided to respond.

Our action was to ring the bell at St. Andrew’s Episcopal
Church. We passed out information sheets to our neighbors, telling them
of our plan. When noon came, we began ringing.

The ringing went smoothly until one exuberant pull rendered
our little bell mute. What to do. Not having a ladder readily
available and wanting our ringing to continue, we pulled and pulled to
no avail. Prodding the bell with a shovel proved useless. It was "the
little bell that wouldn’t." So we turned to the broom. Sweeping
vigorously against the clanger, and using the broom to control the
swing, the bell once again began ringing.

Pictures include the church sign advertising our action and
Donna Phillips ringing the bell on email #1, and looking up into the
bell tower, our group picture under the "350" banner, and the shovel and
broom with Marilee Backstrand on email #2.

Submitted by Brian Backstrand and Marilee Backstrand.