Metechi Church- Tbilisi, Georgia

Metechi Church- Tbilisi, Georgia
Church names
Image by Violator1
Located on the bank of the Mktvari river, this church has survived numerous invasions, the communist repression of religion, even being used as a prision and makeshift theater at one point. To the left is the staue of Tbilisi’s founder, King Vahktang Gorgasali.

The church we see now was originally constructed in 1289, but the site formerly housed one of the first Georgian Orthodox churches in Tbilisi, dating to the late 5th Century and built by order of King Gorgasali. At one point the site was comprised of a church and palace, though both were sacked and destroyed by the Mongol invasion of 1235. The rebuilt church, then named Metechi, supposedly contains some stones from the original 5th Century church, and it too was demolished by invading forces in the 17th and late 18th Centuries. It was again rebuilt, and now serves as an iconic symbol of Tbilisi, overlooking the Mktvari River and the lovely "old town" district.

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