Marketing God Like Beer and Sports Cars See link above for more video clips. You-know-what sells sports cars and beer but who would have thought that churches would resort to “selling God” using the same marketing ploy. Once again it’s the “what can God do for you” approach to getting people to fill the pews. Today’s sermons are all about helping you with your marriage, pleasure, job, family, investments. Gone are the centuries of Christianity in which churches taught about the character of God and the worship of him. If an approach pragmatically gets people in the pews and is thought to enhance evangelism, well then that’s all that matters today. Listen in this CNN segment of the video as the pastor essentially says “IF I’ve offended you then I’m sorry, but I’d do it again in a heart beat, therefore I’m not really sorry after all”. The pastor whose church mocked the community with the ‘rap remix’ often calls Christians who disagree with his methods ‘Pharisee’ and claims that everyone who complained about his racy postcards were more of the same. How does he know that they are Christians that he’s offended? as opposed to common folk who just as readily don’t want their small children watching a R-rated movie than see his church’s postcards. Some perhaps are Roman Catholics who externally care about morality and mention God in their complaints. All of these people need OUTREACH not a church who mocks them. Unfortunately these types of sermons have become the norm in today’s seeker centered churches
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