Leipzig: Looking for the St. Thomas Church Hall?

Question by ANON: Leipzig: Looking for the St. Thomas Church Hall?
Hi. I am interesting in going to see a concert on Wednesday night in Leipzig, Germany; I was wondering whether anyone could decipher the following address? –
Parish hall of St. Thomas Church

Matthai House – Dittrichring 12 / Leipzig
I know of the Thomaskirche of course, but I wondered if this was just a different place?
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Answer by Nemesis
Yes, it is a different place. If you know the Thomaskirche, Dittrichring 12 is, as the crow flies, half way between Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum and the Thomaskirchhof. If you come down the Gro├čer Fleischergasse, go past the level at which you would turn left to Zum Arabischen, and then Dittrichring 12 is about half way from that point, again on your left, before you reach the Thomaskirchhof and St Thomas itself.

If you go to http://maps.google.de and query Dittrichring 12 Leipzig you will see the layout exactly.

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