LDS Church Shopping Center City Creek Center.avi

This is the shopping Center that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints are completely funding. There is a list of partners in this project, all of which are church owned businesses. Property Reserve, Inc. is leading the project, but of course this another corporate arm of our Church. When the project started a couple years ago it was estimated at 1.5 Billion. As any person with any knowledge of business/construction an estimate is just that…an estimate. The project is supposedly to be completed around 2012. The final cost in my opinion would be over 4 Billion. Many non members and members question the expenditures that church leaders took into taking such a massive project. It is said that no tithe money is used on this project. Where else does the church get its funding if it does not derive from members tithing? This link gives a little tale on what, how, and somewhat how much.
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