Koinonia – History

It takes some time to get to know someone beyond the superficial introduction. Pastor Steve Andres walks through this on the way to understand others better. Heaven on Earth is what we all want, but life can take that dream and shatter it to pieces. What happens then? We try harder, often with the same results. In this study, you will be encouraged to take hold of one of the most powerful forces on earth: God’s community. His is a community of love, a community of forgiveness, a community of hope. Christianity was never intended to be lived by the self-study method; it was designed to be lived in Koinonia—life-changing relationships with others. As we grow in community, God’s pleasure is poured out on us, and we can discover the real meaning of heaven on earth! Copyright Calvary Church of Naperville, 2007. www.calvarynaperville.org
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