Joining the Episcopal Church?

Question by Paladin: Joining the Episcopal Church?
I’ve been reading the Bible and searching for a church for some time now and I seem to find that the Episcopal Church seems to fall most in line with my beliefs. However, I have many questions.

I’ve never been baptized or been a formal member of any church, though I have attended Catholic Mass from time to time in the past. I was also once [foolishly] married for a short time when I was younger and thought I was in love, however, she was fairly unstable and simply abandoned the relationship shortly after. Extremely poor judgment on my part. Nevertheless a full legal and proper divorce was obtained through a civil court.

With those brief background pieces provided, I have many questions about joining the Episcopal church:

How is Baptism performed? Is it a public or private ceremony or is it your choice? Are classes required as part of the process of joining?

How about the previous divorce and the possibility of a future marriage? What type of religious.. ‘hurdles’ so-to-speak would I have to go through to get remarried? Would a remarriage have any effect on taking Communion in the Episcopal Church?

I know I’ve asked many questions, which might take a few words to answer. I sincerely thank all in advance for the help.

P.S. I can probably guess that some will recommend that I contact my local Episcopal Priest. I will do this but I would like to have some ideas about these things beforehand. Thanks again.
Thanks so much to TheOneWhoKnows and LoveLikeWinter for the great answers.

Apparantly the others who responded cannot read because they did not even answer my question.

Best answer:

Answer by lovelikewinter
The Episcopal Church is really open minded, you can basically do anything you want to be happy. You can remarry as many times as you want, you can be baptist however you want. They don’t have any problems with gay people or anything…It’s really cool. If you’re open minded this is definitely the right church for you.

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