J&F now offer Custom Pulpits!

J&F Custom Church Pulpits In many Christian church settings, there are two places from which speakers deliver their message, the pulpit, usually on the left when viewed from the congregation, and the lectern, usually on the right when viewed from the congregation. Each position serves a different purpose and is used for delivering different types of messages; however, pulpits receive the most attention. A raised platform from which a member of the clergy delivers a sermon, pulpits are often considered the most important piece of furniture in the church as they are the central point in the congregation and intended to convey that the message being delivered is of utmost importance to the faithful. Throughout history, pulpits have appeared in many forms ranging from simple platforms to elaborate, highly decorated affairs that highlighted their position within the architecture of the church. In modern times, it’s not unusual to find that pulpits have taken a lesser role for some faiths, but in others, pulpits remain an important part of a church’s proceedings. J&F Remodeling Specialist manufactures pulpits spanning a range of styles from the relatively simple to the more complex and elaborate. All of our pulpits are meticulously hand crafted from the finest materials available and feature colors stretching from natural wood grain or stained, to Colonial, allowing for placement in a wide range of church environments and layouts. The size and shape of our pulpits vary as well