My name is Matt Sutton. I am a Gay Mormon, and I am here to tell all the Struggling Young LGBT Kids… IT DOES GET BETTER!!! Don’t get me wrong, your still going to have struggles, but things are going to get better and your going to be able to live with it. Whatever happens to you know is only going to make you stronger in the end. My story is pretty crazy, me ending up gay and mormon. I had a really hard time, worste than most people I know, because it was especially not accepted in the mormon community. I was very much ostracized for everyone, my family looked down on me with shame, I was sent to all kinds of therapists and counselors. It was awful!!! I felt like I didn’t even have a family… and the worste part was NOONE COULD UNDERSTAND ME! Everyone just wanted to change me! I eventually isolated from my family and the church all together. I then looked to find comfort and support elsewhere… I ended up getting involved with the wrong kind of people, and too numb my pain and my feelings of abandonment I fell into drugs and alcohol, became a complete cocaine addict and alcoholic. I did all kinds of incomprehensible demoralizations. I ended up in all kinds of legal trouble. I was a mess. LUCKILY, I was able to get some help, ended up in rehab, and thats when I finally got to know myself and become in acceptance of WHO I AM! I was finally able to mend my relationships with my family and society. TODAY, I am proud of who I am. I have a WONDERFUL LIFE! I have a
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