Islamisation of Indian Subcontinent – Video that Youtube Unfairly Blocked

Gullibility of native Indians, their lack of effective organising are the major reasons why totalitarian predatory ideologies – islam and now church make progress against native Indian civilisations and values. Apple Macintosh OS, much superior to DOS, lost out. The lesson is inferior products backed by superior propaganda, penetration techniques (and deceit) can succeed. George Orwell’s big brother never died. It lives with us as islam and as Catholic Church. The entire belief of islam is predicated in conditioning the mind through repetitive assertions. (This OS/religion analogy is not far fetched. Imagine the OS as the religious platform – in case of islam, koran, seerah represent the OS kernel. Applications are analogous to socio cultural norms such as family values, fine arts, science, justice et. al. From the civilisation perspective islamic/xian platforms are definitely inferior ones. islam is superior probably in warfare organising (though not in generating new technologies and making the world better). Dogma based certitudes such as islam, christianity never reflect the majesticity and complexity of nature, creation and life. These are ideologies of barbarians condemned to take its adherents away from civilization and progress. This has been validated through our experiences across history. As distinct from simplistic dogma monochromatic weltanschuang in totalitaran beliefs like islam, ancient Hindu view asserts differences are inherent in nature. Experience not

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