Is there a ghost at the First Baptist Church of Wilmington?

Question by ghostfreak2: Is there a ghost at the First Baptist Church of Wilmington?
The big brick church “Early English Gothic” style is located on the corner of North 4th St. & Market Street. This church was organized in 1808 , but construction did not begin till 1859. The church foundation holds tons of ship ballast stones discarded from sailing vessels that once crowed the Cape Fear River. On of the best known pastors of the church was John Lamb Pritchard {1862}. Rev. Pritchard stayed at his post during the yellow fever epidemic of 1862. He stay to care and prayed for the sick and dying. He became one of the last victims, dying in November 1862. His Gravesite is located at Oakdale Cemetery.

Local church members say that Rev. Pritchard spirit is still roaming the church’s halls. Tells of doors opening & closing, lights that flickers and objects moving are common. One story tells of a church member who saw a man dressed in 1800 type clothing in the Fellowship Hall. When the member tried to get closer the man suddenly was gone.Could this be the ghost?

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