Is the Westboro Baptist Church Christian?

Video response to Westboro Baptist Church: Are they Christians? by Profmth is a very smart person who has made many video series on Christianity. Many of his videos helped lead the way to me deconverting from Christianity Be sure to check out Jesus was NOT the Messiah Did the Disciples die for a lie? Be sure to subscribe to him Read the Bible Online for free in multiple languages and translations For this video I am using the 2011 edition of the NIV Bible An explanation of the 5 points of Calvanism AKA Calvain’s tulip Westboro Baptist Church claiming to be Calvanists FAQ section of the Westboro Baptist Church Westboro Baptist Church’s confession of faith Southern Baptist Convention’s Official Website Southern Baptist Convention’s FAQ The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s view on Homosexuality SBCLife journal published by the Southern Baptist Convention An article in SBCLife on Homosexuality Christian Faith’s and Homosexuality United Church of Christ’s stand on Homosexuality Thomas Road Baptist Church website with no mention of homosexuality (It was the church ran by Jerry Falwell) Jerry Falwell also ran
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