Is The Church the body of Jesus Christ?

Question by Edward N: Is The Church the body of Jesus Christ?
Do Christians “identify” with Jesus? Do they become members of His body when they are confirmed?
Are we “saved” by The Name and blood of Jesus? Did Jesus suffer, bleed and die on the cross or did The Trinity?
Then why do we invoke the titles of The Trinity instead of His Name when we are baptized?

When a bride marries she takes the name of her husband, identifies with him and becomes part of him as his Mrs. Likewise when a newcomer is baptized, he takes the Name of Jesus, identifies with Him and becomes a member of His body which is the Church. Both “family” and “Church” are cut from the same pattern. The first is the foundation of civilization and the second the means by which God and man may reconcile.
What am I missing?
Do you think God will allow us to claim the blood of The Lamb while denying His Name?
@Truthbea… Try Matt 28:19. Parroted during most baptisms. Consider the word: “Therefore”. It relates to the preceding vs!

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Answer by weepingprophet15
Too many questions.

But yes, the Church is the Body of Christ.

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