is the church of christ nondenominational?

Question by katiedid.: is the church of christ nondenominational?
exactly what makes them diff. from Baptist.. btw.. why is it that, that they keep asking me if I am gonna convert. I go 2 their church, but I dont want 2 convert from a Baptist to a COC. I am just attending this church bc I am in college, and it would be 2 long of a drive from the place I attend college and back home. i also heard that most members there expect women to be submissive and stay at home and raise kids, and I am far from that.

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Answer by Carpanone Kid
I think it would be proper to call them their own denomination. Why are they asking you to convert? It sounds like you have some “misconceptions” from their perspective in your Christian upbringing. You will only know for sure when you ask the next person who asks you that.

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