Is “Calvary” a church?

Question by : Is “Calvary” a church?
(for all you bible quoters out there I know that calvary is the hill Jesus died on I’m not asking that)

There’s two churches in my town called calvary. It doesn’t say the denomination of the church they just say “Christian”. I used to think that they were just names of churches like how Catholic Churches are named “St William” or “St Marys”. But my boyfriend said that he always thought Calvary was a Church (not a building, an organization) because there’s 2 of them nearby with the same name. Now I’m curious, and google isn’t helping. Does anyone know?
btw i’m not interested in joining it, I’m pretty happy with Catholicism.
but thank you everyone who is like “let God enter your life”, it’s very thoughtful of you 🙂

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Answer by vic91106
It is not a sect of Christianity, but simply the name they use for their particular congregation.

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