Ideas for decorating a round/hexagonal church?

Question by dlb_blair: Ideas for decorating a round/hexagonal church?
Does anyone have any ideas and/or pictures for how to decorate a church that is hexagonal with chairs instead of pews. The church has a very high ceiling with a skylight and several walls of windows, with a wooden railing for under lighting above each window. Please help; any ideas are really appreciated.

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Answer by Bambi Berkowicz
Don’t worry too much about the surroundings. Concentrate your decorating efforts to where you and your groom will be standing as you take your vows. That’s the only place people will actually be looking, anyway. Candelabra stands and floral arrangements on pedestals are beautiful. Attach large tulle bows to the sides of the chairs on the aisles if you think you need them and maybe add a couple of flowers to the bows on the front row bows.

Your reception decorations will be viewed for a much longer time than the ceremony’s. Put your money and energy into those, instead.

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