How to Build and Grow a Strong Church

How to Build and Grow a Strong Church

Have you ever wondered what a church would look like if you took away the pastors, elders, musicians,programs and Sunday Schools? Its bare,empty and quiet.Everything ceased to function.

If these ingredients did go away, there should not be panic and crisis as a church is centered upon Christ and not personalities nor programs. Church is about how we come to know and grow in Christ, unity and love amongst its members, connect with one another, and serve Him, both inside and outside of the church walls. Below are some of the methods you can use to build and grow a strong church.

1. Build Unity Amongst The Church Members

The relationship of a pastor and his people is a very sacred one brought about by the common love for God. God is not pleased when believers are not satisfied with their pastor. Neither will God be pleased if the pastor has a bitter attitude towards his people. It delights God and pleases Him when the pastor and his people love each other, pray together, work together, serve together, worship together, win souls together and give together as one.

2. Be Expressive in Your Love for Members

It is always nice to be told that you are being loved and appreciated. Hence, make an effort to email or send a card to your member to express your appreciation for their help and support regularly or especially so after an event. Your members do much for you,they pray for you, overlook your faults, forget your mistakes and extend help when you need them.

3. Use Your People to Build Great People

The job of a preacher is to build great Christians NOT great buildings. The greatest work of a pastor is to see that his sheep grow in the grace of the Lord, and not just to see the membership grow. A true pastor’s heart is one who rejoices more over the Christian who grows in the grace of God than over a building that goes up.

4. Make People Feel That You Are Theirs

Having a pastor is important to most Christians and so is a sense of belonging.The pastor belongs to them and they belong to him. It gives them an identity. Thus, never allow any of your people feel secondary. Many preachers spend so much time with fellow preachers that they do not have time for their people. It is important to spend time with your flock,live with them, love them, pray for them, work with them and seek their good not your own.

5. Choose The Right Person For The Task

A common mistake made by pastors is to assume that a good church member will do a good job. This is very often not the case. It is always best to assign the right person with the right experience in order to have a good fit for the task to ensure success. This would save you much valuable time needed to undo any mistakes made or at the worst case scenario to protect the church reputation.

6. Do Not Set Too Many Goals At One Go

It is important for a church to set realistic and achievable goals for its members. Goals should be limited to one or two in a year at most. Having a goal and not able to achieve it very often discourages the members. On the other hand, a well thought out realistic and achievable goal unites and creates a good spirit among the members.

7. If You Set A Goal,Set It High.

A church will come nearer reaching a high goal than a low one. For example, a church with 150 in Sunday school will come nearer reaching 300 than 200. People must be challenged. They will respond to a big challenge more than they will to something that does not tax their energy.

8. Eat in the Homes of Your Members

It is good for the pastor to be in the homes of his church members. When invited for a meal, try never to reject such an invitation. It is a mutual blessing. Members need fellowship with the pastor; the pastor needs the fellowship of the members. Children know the pastor better when he comes into their homes. If he is kind, thoughtful and understanding to the children, they will be comfortable and become long term members of the church.

9. Preach to Get Results.

Never become the teacher type or the lecturer type, and never get used to a “dry haul.” When you preach a sermon on tithing, expect people to start tithing. When you preach against a certain sin, expect people to give it up. Always expect additions and conversions in the services. Preach to get results!

10. Give Your Members Time at Home

So many churches today are so activity oriented that members are closer to other fellow members than their own children and family. Pastors should encourage their members to spend more time at home with their spouse and children. They should not plan such a heavy church program that it will take away all of their family time. When members realize that their pastor is concerned about their problems they will love and appreciate him more.

11. Do Not Wear Out Your Members

So many churches today are so preoccupied with conducting seminars and talks on how to save the souls that members actually have no time left to actually carry out the actual work. We preach more that we do, we talk more than the walk. Church programs should do the basics first, teach the Bible, pray and visit so that members can walk the talk.

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