How to become involved with my Church?

Question by Mstex108: How to become involved with my Church?
Ok so i am 13 years old and i really want to become more involved with my Church. I already help in the preschool sunday kids class after church and go to church most weekends i can but i would like to do more. My parents aren’t really involved to much with the church, i mean they go but that’s it. Thanks for all answers.

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Answer by Uncle Guido
It sounds like you do a lot already! That’s really great to read!

You should talk to your pastor or youth pastor if you have one. They can better explain to you what opportunities might be present.

One really important thing you can do is pray for the leadership and members of your church. No one will ever know you are doing it, but it’s vital. I know it’s technically not “involved” but it’s something you can start right away.

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