How do I find christmas donors for famlies in need?

Question by seekingangels: How do I find christmas donors for famlies in need?
I was having a rough time a few months back and joined a few help groups and sites in an attempt to get some help with clothing and my childrens birthdays. I never received any donations but did find emotional support from the other group members. Seeing these other peoples stories made me want to do something to help. I dont have any money to give and have nothing to offer so I decided to start a group for people like me to post their needs. In a week ive gotten close to 40 members but out of them only 4 are members saying they want to be donors. The people in my group are not looking for money, they are families who need clothes, food, furniture, help around the house, and help with the holidays. They all have to complete an application and must provide verification at the donors request. I really want to see these people get the help they need especially at christmas, Im letting them all know about toys for tots and researching other toy drives, I just dont know how to get donors.

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Answer by Andrew O
Work with existing groups that already do this to maximize your efforts. Contact local churches and civic organizations to see how they do it and link to their services.

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