How can I take up a collection from my neighbors?

Question by shelia j: How can I take up a collection from my neighbors?
The family across from me is having a really hard time financially. It is a two parent family with five children , The father lost his job two months ago. Last week they had some furniture taken from them and today their car was repossessed. I am afraid they may be put out on the street. I don’t want money from you but I think maybe our neighbors can help. How can I convince them to help this family.

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Answer by MSAD
The family may not want the whole neighborhood to know about their situation.

But it’s great you want to help!

How about starting with your church (if you go). As we approach Christmas lots of churches and civic organizations look for families to sponsor.

There are also churches that help with utility bills (such as power bills). Many catholic churches have St. Vincent De Paul- they help people regardless of faith with their power bills. The Seventh Day Adventist in my area do it as well.

If you can make contact with one such organization they may be able to be able to tell you who else you could get in touch with. You probably can’t collect money for the family – but once you do your research you could discretely let the family know about the organizations that can help them – should they need it.

Good Luck to you.

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