How can I make a Jesus Christ costume for Halloween?

Question by : How can I make a Jesus Christ costume for Halloween?
We are having a live nativity scene at our church and we are trying to get the costumes ready. No one seems to know what to make for the Jesus Christ character to wear. Help Please!

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Answer by Mburhaha
Toga-like thing made from sheets even, if using two use faded red and white maybe, I don’t know I feel like I always see Jesus preresurection depicted in these colors. Buy a big fake beard at a store like Party City (they are pretty cheap) have it be cloest to the wearer’s real hear color (and if you’re going for super super accurate Jesus use someone of middle eastern/East Mediterranean decent.) For shoes ask around if someone has a pair of Birkenstock sandals in the right size since they are around $ 80, if not look around for sandals of similar design (double top strap) or just go for the purchase, though expensive they are extremely functional and comfortable shoes anyways that can be worn after Halloween any day. Look for a large stick/staff, you can use a branch from the woods that is large enough or go to a specialty store (like a headshop/hippie store, random wood carving store, hiking store) to find a really nice wooden stick.

I hope this helped, best of luck with your endeavors. 🙂

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