Hillsong United – Yahweh (Faith + Hope + Love) HQ

The ‘Yahweh’ song written & sung by Reuben Morgan from the New Hillsong LIVE album — FAITH HOPE LOVE. There is a missing part in the beggining of the clip that i had to cut out because of the 10 minutes upload limit. I have written what he was saying next: ” We are just about to sing a song in which we declare our worship, our prayse to Yahweh. I want you to engage with understanding. I want you to understand what Yahweh means to us, here, tonight. There are at least 217 names for God in the Bible. He is so glorious, so enormous, and every one of His names reveals some facets about His live and His character. Yahweh is used when God made humanity. It is used when Abraham climbed mount Moriah, as he set up the mountain to worship God, the first time “worship” is used. And there, God provides the sacrifice and reveals Himself as Yahweh. We often think of it as Jehova, That is the latin name for Yahweh. But the revelation reaches its calmanation in Exodus 3, when God reveals Himself to His people. And he says: “I am that I am”. He is the ethernal self-existing one. “I will be what I will be”. He was declaring His covenant and His reality to His people.” Copyrights belong to: (c) 2009 Hillsong Church, Hillsong Music Australia

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