Hidden Church, Cappadocia

Hidden Church, Cappadocia
Church names
Image by Fikret Onal
scanned from Velvia 50

As the church was discovered in the year 1957, the church was named as the “Hidden Church“.

The church is located in the vicinity of El – Nazar Church. The paints adorning the church are directly painted to the main rock body, not on plaster. Painted cloth pieces are found in the surrounding area of the church, and after the executed analysis, it is discovered that the cloths were used as the brush in the painting procedure of the church. The structure of the church is similar to the architecture tradition of the Mesopotamian church architecture.

The paintings of the church are as follows; the joyful tiding, the birth, the presentation of Jesus to the temple, the assignment of the Baptist Yahya, metamorphism, etc.

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