Haunted places in Indianapolis IN?

Question by lastlight: Haunted places in Indianapolis IN?
was just wondering if anyone knew of any places in Indianapolis that are supposed to be haunted, it doesn’t matter what it is. Preferably someplace accessible at night or somewhere that allows people in later and whatnot. I ask because a friend and I are going on a ghost hunting trip and aren’t familiar with many places in the area apart from Crown Hill cemetery, which closes early in the day, and the Hannah House. So if you know of any places, I’d appreciate it. thanks.

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Answer by Jasā™„

Cathedral High School (Fomer sight of Ladywood High School ) –

Old Central State Hospital/Asylum –

Decatur Central High School –

Downtown – St. Joseph ‘s Old Abandoned Catholic Church –

Edgewood River –

Hannah House –

House of Blue Lights –

Indiana State Fair –

Indiana Repertory Theatre –

Indianapolis Athletic Club-

Indianapolis City County Building –

James A Allison Mansion –

MagicMoments Restaurant –

Marian College – Stokely Mansion –

Paul Ruster Park Cemetery –

Post Road –

The Slippery Noodle Inn – it

Tuckaway House – .

Waterbury Neighborhood –

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