Geology of Church Rock in Utah?

Question by tolstoi1: Geology of Church Rock in Utah?
Along the highway, near Monument Valley, stands a remarkable “monument”, Church Rock.

I would like to know the process which could create it. It’s hard to imagine that the entire landscape around the rock was eroded, leaving an isolated rock formation.

The bottom layers appear to be man-made, as if a bricklayer set courses of reddish bricks.

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Answer by clydastes
Fantastic picture! It is an erosional remnant – the western US is full of them, although few are as impressive as this. In very dry climates the rock layers start to erode steeply along fractures in the earth and in many cases where there are a number of those fractures at different angles to each other the erosion will leave a block of rocks exposed with everything around it taken away.

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