Fun Office Culture – You Can Have It Too!

(PRWEB) April 29, 2004

If you have a feeling your employees dread coming to work, rarely hear the sound of laughter, or have the goal of increasing productivity, you can make incredible changes simply by addressing your office culture.

One Minnesota corporation follows a bit unorthodox ideas, but maintains a positive, fun office culture. After renovating an old church into a modern office building with an open floor concept, the interior was enhanced with lively color and unique painting schemes. From their “Where’s Waldo” bathroom to the 50’s and 60’s disco kitchen, this Minnesota business knows how to encourage fun and creativity with employees and clients. Anyone visiting the building for the first time is treated like a celebrity and autographs a wall, previously visited by other “celebrity” guests.

Sit in a stuffy boardroom? No! The alter area was transformed into a comfortable meeting space, complete with a high tech stereo and speakers for the highly coveted privilege of selecting each day’s music. Meetings can also be held in one of three other fun areas: an outside deck overlooking the Crow River, a living room complete with fireplace and lava lamps, or a sitting area with orb chairs and rope lights.

The most well known fact about this extraordinary office culture is that shoes are taken off at the door. Everyone is greeted at the door with a pair of new socks, custom printed with Vivid Image logo. Rumor has it more than one customer has left the Vivid Image environment, only to return to their office – without shoes. After all, everyone is 15% more creative with their shoes off.

In addition to being saluted by Vivid Image staff, lucky visitors will be ushered in by the five wild turkeys that have made their home on the company’s one-acre property, and make their pilgrimage daily for crackers.

What does this fun office culture do to productivity and customer retention? Free of the typical corporate politics often found in a company of this size, Vivid Image is an enjoyable place to work. Productivity is high, and client retention exceeds 95% in eight years of business.

Vivid Image, Inc. is a Minnesota based web design business, specializing in ecommerce, database, graphic design, and search engine optimization. Their vision is to Inspire Possibilities. Hopefully you have been inspired with possibilities to make your office culture a priority. To contact Vivid Image, visit their website at