Front-yard Virgin Mary owner bans public

Front-yard Virgin Mary owner bans public
A Windsor, Ont., homeowner has banned people from visiting her front-yard Virgin Mary statue.

Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Sunk by Wave of Discontent – Dan Barry
Representative Paul E. Kanjorski, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, lost to a challenger he had defeated two other times. He very nearly saw it coming.
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Scores of Iraqis Killed in Bombing Blitz
Listen to the Audio HARI SREENIVASAN: At least 76 Iraqis were killed today in a bombing blitz aimed at Shiites in Baghdad. At least 13 car bombs and roadside blasts ripped through Shiite neighborhoods. Police and hospitals said, in addition to the dead, nearly 200 people were wounded. The attacks came as funerals were held in Baghdad for victims of a hostage siege at a Roman Catholic Church – 58 …
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