Figures on St. Mary’s Church by Sangernebo, Alexander; Kriner, William (1911) [Control # IAS IN001087]

Figures on St. Mary’s Church by Sangernebo, Alexander; Kriner, William (1911) [Control # IAS IN001087]
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Limestone figures and relief panels adorn the facade of a church. Three relief panels are set in the Gothic arched tympanum of the three main entrances to the church. The relief on the left depicts the Nativity. An angel hovers over a manger. Joseph stands on the proper left and Mary on the proper right. The center relief depicts the Crucifixion. Christ hangs on the cross in the center of the relief. He is flanked by Roman soldiers. Immediately beneath the cross are Mary (on the proper left), Mary Magdalene and St. John (on the proper right). The relief on the right depicts the Ascension. Christ hovers amidst radiating light, and is flanked by two awestruck kneeling figures. In addition to the reliefs, three full-length figures are set in individual niches high on the church facade. The figure of the Blessed Mother stands beneath the main gable facing west. Her hands are folded at her heart. The figure of St. Henry of Bavaria faces west. He holds a scale model church in his proper left hand. A figure of St. Boniface of Fulda is located beneath a gable. He wears a mitre and holds a crozier in his proper right hand. Twenty-two gargoyles and grotesques decorate recessed areas and the eaves around the entire facade of the building.

The church was dedicated in 1912. Sangernebo sculpted the gargoyles, and possibly the relief panels above the main entrance. The figures of St. Boniface, the Blessed Mother, and St. Henry are possibly by Kriner. The stonework was directed by John Ittenbach, president of G. Ittenbach.

Save Outdoor Sculpture, Indiana survey, 1994.

Source: Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture, Smithsonian American Art Museum, P.O. Box 37012, MRC 970, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012

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Located at St. Mary’s Church,