Fellowship Church- Grapevine, TX

Fellowship Church- Grapevine, TX
fellowship church
Image by Texas Photo Wrangler
Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX is where my wife and I first met, and where we are members today. This church does some amazing things and impacts the lives of so many people. The scope of the church’s ministry is simply mind-boggling. With 5 locations, a dynamic and inspirational pastor (Ed Young) and thousands of members, its amazing to think that my wife’s family was actually part of the tiny church that grew to become the one it is today. One thing that we have learned the hard way is that with a church this size, you really have to proactive with involvement. Its not like a smaller church where you go to and you automatically find yourself receiving an invitation to attend that evening’s potluck dinner. You really have to take your pick of hundreds of different types of programs to get into, and go after it.

check it out: www.fellowshipchurch.com

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