Extreme Makeover – Church Edition

NOTE: This video has been replaced by a new version which has been substantially enhanced and re-done, but I decided to keep the original (this one) online as a contrast and to preserve the tracking. To see the latest version, click my channel “WesleyVids” – the new version is the very first one that appears in the top left (and I would welcome some feedback comments on the enhanced version)! ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Our church desperately needed a facelift in a lot of ways…the last remodeling effort was in 1965! The Abilene Wesleyan Church (Abilene, KS) is under new management and we’re determined to become a source of hope and healing for our community in today’s culture. Stay tuned for more of our “extreme makeover”! This video is a FIRST DRAFT and we welcome comments (not all will be published, but we’ll listen to all suggestions). A 2nd draft of the video is in the works, to debut hopefully in a few weeks: we will probably add more pic’s of phase 1 & 2 and some text or other features during the sped-up renovation footage. Your suggestions? Special thanks to the Westview Community Church (Manhattan, KS) Men’s Ministry who oversaw the pew-moving and sanctuary renovation, to our “Design Team” (pictured) who are helping renovate not just the look but our whole philosophy of outreach & ministry, and to New Life Wesleyan Church (Carbondale, KS) for the new chairs to replace the pews. UPDATE (1/1/09): Unfortunately, the church closed Jan. 2008 when long-time core members
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