Exposing The Trinity Lie – Part 1

Exposing The Trinity Lie – Part 1

….and with it its Cainite-Roman Catholic Babylonian roots.

Nothing betrays the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion’s or mainstream Christianity’s sandy Babylonian (Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy) foundations more than the Trinity Lie does. It is the humdinger proof and magical link that ties in all the Protestant denominations (demon-inations) to this satanic money making organisation. These denominations (demon-inations) are just schisms or splinters, via the Protestant ‘protest’ – a feeble protest at that against their mother in Rome. Rome is their spiritual whoring harlot mother and they are her slapper daughters – period, whether they like it or not and/or whether they are prepared to admit it or not. Indeed, some deluded adherents of these whoring counterfeit schisms, use Mickey Mouse mathematics in a pathetic attempt to prove that the trinity is true. Here is their ‘Einstein’ trinity equation: 1x1x1=1. Wow! I would cry with laughing if it were not so heinous in its deluded wretched sinfulness and wickedness.

Moreover, what has this unbiblical infantile idea got to do with The Truth that two distinct beings; The Father and The Son, reign in heaven with The Son at The Father’s right hand? I’ll tell you, nothing, absolutely nothing, but what this Biblical Truth does tell us is this; it tells us that the trinity is a lie and that the Godhead is a Godhead of two distinct Spiritual Beings; a Duality – The Truth. The Godhead is not a monotheistic ogre god with one eye, nor a triune ogre god with three eyes who at various other times mutates into an equally mythical Judaic monotheistic ogre god with one eye.

Both the above depictions of God are satanic in origin and are anti-Christ in nature and essence. In the first instance we have the Galatian ogre god, which Paul warned the first century Church about, with its one eye being the representation of all ogre god monotheistic religions, otherwise known as Judaism and Islam. Islam, like Judaism, is very monotheistic and in its similarities with Judaism, in that sense, is a classic example of how the Devil is not divided – religious slavery and legalism is united and it rules, OK!!?? In its Christian religious guises ogre god monotheism is known as Unitarianism or Pentecostal Oneness and no doubt there are many other mainstream Christian clowns out there who have thought up numerous other titles and examples for their meaningless monotheistic denominations. There are thousands of denominations (demon-inations) out there folks, and all of them giving the impression that the church is divided and all of them teaching a false gospel, and all of their beliefs based upon ogre gods of one kind or another.

JW’s, too, put their faith in a form of this monotheistic ogre god with their created ‘Jesus’ or their non-‘Jesus’ or another ‘Jesus’, and, in so doing, deny the God with God Truth as written in the Holy Scriptures. They openly deny and/or explain away The Truth of the True Godhead arrangement which includes the Lord Jesus Christ as God with God with no beginning and no end. So by removing the Lord Jesus Christ as God with God, from the Godhead what are they left with? I’ll tell you, the monotheistic ogre god with one eye – who else!! Can you see the futile trickery of it all? If not, you have a big, big problem – an anti-Christ problem!

Now in the second instance of this demonic mayhem and confusion we have the infamous ogre god with three eyes – the trinity ogre god, but with the ability to be an ogre god with one eye as well. This is a more multipurpose fantastical deity and a bit trickier to understand, because at any one moment it is three and then the next moment it is one. Rest assured, too, that no one in mainstream Christianity knows when this mind boggling morphing takes place! Is it any wonder that mainstream Christians are always confused!!?? Amazingly, in all the years that I wasted as a member of mainstream Christianity, no one ever explained to me the purpose of this multifaceted useless god, a god of now you see him, now you don’t, just like the shell game. Furthermore, no one ever explained to me how the morphing of three gods into one took place or why it would be necessary for the Godhead to do such a thing. How would it be advantageous to the Godhead and what logical purpose would it solve? Are you beginning to get the picture about this humbug triune deity? I do hope so.

Moreover, we can now see what an illusive ogre god it is, this multipurpose multifaceted god; a proper little trickster of tricksters ‘he’ is and, of course, “tricks” is the operative word, because like the shell game it has its origins in sorcery or magic. Babylon was built on mysticism and sorcery. Just read the Book of Daniel and his dealings with King Nebuchadnezzar for all the evidence. Moving forward in time we have Simon Magus, the founder of the counterfeit church in Rome, he was a big time sorcerer and deceiver with his own brand of money making sorcery known as Simony. Simony is a spirit and it’s the evil spirit of buying things spiritual, hence this mongrel dog son of the Devil tried to buy the Holy Spirit from Peter. You can read all about him in Acts 8. In turn, this Simony phenomenon became the foundational spirit of Rome with its love of filthy lucre and its common place policy of selling salvation (indulgences), whether through ‘good works’ (in reality this was unpaid labour) or actual hard cash or in days of old payment by precious metals and gems. This, too, is the Simon that Papists conveniently, but erroneously and blasphemously, confuse with Simon Peter. It is this very same Simon Magus whose statue sits in the building known as St Peter’s in the Vatican (real name VatiCain). Vatican means House of Divinations or House of Demons. Please note: all religion, including the AngliCain Christian religion, comes from Cain and his descendants, via Ham and Naamah, Noah’s wife to the Canaanites, the Midianites, the Hittites and the Kenites and their descendants are still with us to this day. They now rule this world via the corrupt banking system and their unholy allies in Rome, under Satan’s directions. This stronghold is known as the Synagogue of Satan.

OK I have digressed a little above so back to the thread of exposing the trinity lie. So where, and when, did this evil trinity fabrication start, because the Lord Jesus Christ never taught the trinity and nor did His Learners, erroneously called disciples, who later became His Messengers (Apostles)? So if they didn’t teach it, who invented it and polluted the Holy Scriptures with it? Why, yet another Christian Religious illegitimate and magician called Tertullian (circa 200 AD), he conjured it up, and then another Christian religious illegitimate called Jerome (circa 390 AD) added these evil magical ideas to his blasphemous Latin Vulgate Bible. Notice, here, the lowest common denominator of Cain’s descendants; it’s always his descendants – The Tares and they are always vain Bible intellectuals. This is how we identify them for they are those who add their useless evil crap to God’s Holy Word.

Well now, this may all be so, but where is your Biblical proof and evidence that this is the case, I hear you say? Easy, just turn to 1 John 5:7-8 for the answers and all the proof and evidence you will ever need. These two verses are the only reference in the whole of the Holy Bible to the trinity. You will find no other Holy Scriptures that make mention of it; the only place you will find it described is here. Now even without me providing the proof that these verses were an addition by Tares to the Holy Scriptures, we have to start asking ourselves one or two pertinent questions, that’s if we are like the wise Bereans who always checked out everything Paul said to see if it was so.

Acts 17:10-11 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews. 11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is this: Can or should we put our faith in a counterfeit universal church concept based upon one and a half verses of supposed Holy Scripture, especially, when the meaty concepts of the Good News message i.e. Salvation, Faith and Grace are to be found throughout the whole Bible, even in the Old Testament in hundreds of Holy Scriptures? By contrast you will not find any mention of the trinity in the Old Testament, which in turn means you cannot prove the trinity from the Old Testament and that’s because it ain’t there folks – DOH!! If we then take this point a little further and realise that the Lord Jesus Christ taught from the OT Scriptures we then know why the trinity was never taught by The Lord. This also means, from the counterfeit Christian Religious perspective that the Godhead has changed from being a Duality Godhead into a triune godhead, just for the benefit of New Testament readers and believers. This, when all the while we know the solid gold Truth that the Godhead does not change; they have never changed and they have always been God with God – a Duality in the Old Testament and a Duality in the New Testament.

Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

The crucial issue here, though, is this; the trinity doctrine is the hinge pin of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. They all believe in it, apart from the equally blasphemous monotheistic segments of the same Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. They all believe in this same triune deity which is, in reality, an Ancient Egyptian/Hindu