day 320: vintage sale

day 320: vintage sale
Church advertising
Image by moirabot
trying on hats in a quiet corner.

from an email to g:

"also went to a crazy vintage clothes sale on saturday morning – a church hall in newtown was full of things retrieved from opshops in the south island, & it had been well advertised. we arrived only about 20 minutes after it had opened, apparently avoiding queues which had extended round the block, and the hall was packed with people. k. and her mum have a saying for such situations – "ladies, sharpen your elbows" – though actually the mood wasn’t too nasty. people hovering around a prized item ready to grab it if the first person who found it put it back down, but no actual snatching or shoving. still, a bit much to deal with pre-coffee.

but, found a dress (grey wintery fabric, homemade, with black stitching and buttons down the front, perfect size, thought it would be great for next winter but then wore it to a show that night and was still cold! wellington’s a bit behind us with the change of seasons). also 2 hats (ruffly art deco-esque bathing cap, turquoise fake fur bonnet) and a souvenir for you. left behind a pair of powder-blue knee-high platform boots that were almost ugg-boot in aspect but almost amazing. not quite regretting it."

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