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Crossroads Church
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As luck would have it, I was scheduled to volunteer at church on the same day as the Scott Kelby Word Wide Photo Walk, so I did not get to participate this year. However, that did not keep me from taking pictures and going on my own walk. My walk took place at 6 AM, right after I woke up, and I just walked around our neighborhood – check out the photos over on the Morning Light page.

Would have been a great afternoon/evening for a walk here in The Cities, with temps in the low 80s, a nice breeze, and enough clouds to make the sky very interesting. With those conditions, I had to take at least one photo. With my only evening destination being our church, why not take a picture of it?

Crossroads Church is part of The Evangelical Covenant Church denomination and is located in Woodbury, MN. I love this church! God lives here, not because of the building, but because of the people who are in it! The Spirit is ver much alive in this church and I am very proud to get to be part of the program once or twice a month as a tech team volunteer running one of the video cameras.

I had taken a cool HDR of the church during the winter, but hadn’t really taken anything of it since. The late afternoon sky was perfect for using a polarizing filter to knock out the glare and brighten the deep blue sky, and the HDR process really brings it out further!

Took the 3 exposures at f6.4 to make sure they rattled off quickly and did not have too much movement in the clouds between frames – makes for more masking. As result, the real masking was performed on the blue part of the sky where the HDR does blow it out a bit!

I did miss not going to the WWPW today, but the day with the family was good, the service was awesome, and I did get to take pictures, with some being pretty good. Maybe next year I can arrange the schedule so that the walk is added to it, but if not, I think the blessings will still be mine.

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