Covenant church the same as Evangelical Covenant?

Question by digger: Covenant church the same as Evangelical Covenant?
We are considering trying a local covenant church (in Weirton, WV- it is Weirton Covenant Church) because we have heard they have a homeschooling base there, and my sister homeschools as well.

However, my husband warns me (I wear jeans, shorts, makeup) that the women there might never cut their hair, and need to wear head coverings, dresses…

Do you know?

I couldn’t find a website for the church itself, but on the Evangelical Covenant church’s site, it didn’t say anything (that I found) about it.

Thanks :0)

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Answer by Yanichka
I am a member of a Covenant church. My church in particular and the Evangelical Covenant in general do not care about outfits or haircuts or silly things like that. Heck, we don’t make a big distinction between having your children baptized at birth and presenting them at an older age (like Jesus’s parents did). We even have adult baptisms.

What I particularly love about my church is that we are more “laid-back” about the sorts of things that some churches struggle with. Drums in church? Fine with us. Dancing? Go for it. Women wear pants to church? I do it all the time. (Is Jesus God? Well, actually this is important.)

As far as I understand, the most important thing that Covenanters believe is that we must have coffee and bars (or cookies) after the services. :o) Covenant folks are very friendly. Please call the church and ask to talk to the pastor or an assistant pastor and he/she will be happy to soothe your fears. You may have seen this site already, but it’s still good.

P.S. That recent movie “The Covenant” has nothing to do with us. :o)

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