Question by ummmmmm: Church…..?
I was wondering if anyone would happen to have scripture that would support or not, the belief of attending one church, and becoming a member of one church. I have been in church for awhile and love the Lord dearly. But, I am not sure that I agree with the way so much is put into having to belong to one “church building”, doesn’t that almost take away from the Body of Christ as a whole? And, begin to put the focus on man instead of God….I think that is way there is so much division in the church today b/c instead of being faithful to the work of God, we are being faithful to the work of men. Allowing the focus to be the number in the pews, instead of the number in Heaven….So, if you know of any scriptures that tell us we have to be a member of one church, and be faithful to that one church please send it to me….Thanks Starr

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Answer by Granny
You don’t have to attend church to be a believer,” God said where one or more gather in my name”

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