Church with no pews!?

Question by : Church with no pews!?
im getting married at a church on base and instead of having pews it is a bunch of soft velvet chairs connected together. there is no where to put flowers or tulle on the ends because there is none! i still really want to decorate but i cant think of anything.

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Answer by vasquezfam0503
My mom decorated a church with chairs and she got really big tulle and wrapped it around the chair legs and let them drape a little and she also draped tulle from the top of the chair (if there is an opening) it looked really nice but it has to be big tulle like really full and fluffy and maybe stick a flower into each tie on the chair, like when you tie it around the leg place a flower in the middle of the tie, do this to each tie so you have flowers on each row.

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