Church On The Street [Cots Phoenix] 2011-09-07 Bible Study (Part 3) Louene Rattray – Ezekiel 40 & 41

Church On The Street is a Christian Discipleship Program (or ‘Bible’ Boot Camp) where a believer in Jesus Christ can spend six months in our 180 day residential program immersed in the Word of God. One can spend this time building a stable foundation for their life. Very intense; very structured with a curriculum based in the Life of Christ. Lots of rules to incorporate discipline into one’s character this life recovery school is the stepping stone to finding the purpose for your life that the Lord has for you. We accept all donations and are in need of clothing, hygiene, furniture and vehicles. We are a state approved facility for probation and parole. Please visit our website at or call (602) 257-8918 for tour information.