Church of St Augustine

Church of St Augustine
St Church
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Old Goa has the credit of having a number of churches which have been included in UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Among these are the ruins of St. Augustine Church which was perhaps the largest one in Goa . The Church of St Augustine was constructed by the joint efforts of 12 Augustian Friars after they arrived in Goa on 3rd September 1572 AD. They built the church on the Holy Hill at Old Goa. The construction of the church was completed by 1602 AD. A ban was imposed by the Portuguese government against the Augustines. The church and the convent thereafter were deserted.

The ruins of 46-metre high Bell Tower without the bell can be seen from some distance and attract attention of visitors. Five storied arched belfry tower built of laterite formed part of facade of the church facing east. This tower is one of the four towers of St. Augustine Church. The Church had eight richly adorned chapels and four altars and a convent with numerous cells. The ruins of chapels, altars and extensive convent with numerous cells can be seen even today around the tower. The bell was first placed in the Fort Aguada Light House, where it remained from 1841 to 1871 AD. Finally it was put in the church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Panaji in 1871 AD and it is still in working condition.
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