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church of scientology
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the joys of serindipitous symbolism: here we have the ‘o’ represented by a hole, indicative of the money pit that is the church of scientology, both for its members and those people the church chooses to sue (and they are legion). it might be easier to compile a list of entities the cult has not dragged into court under the flimsiest of circumstances, but one of my favourite attempts they made was on a number of canadian libraries for stocking the mind benders (link goes to the full book released on the internet by the author via the cult awareness network) by cyril vosper. the libraries quite rightly refused to remove the books, the courts backed them up, and many editions were then stolen from the shelves. since copies are scarce, read the linked version or borrow my paperback (provided you’re not a scientologist).

i do have something akin to fondness for scientology, partly because the religion is so transparently a fiction. i also like encountering adherents of other faiths who use it as a whipping post and shout about it being nonsense as it then allows me to comment on the nonsense inherent in all religions, including that particular one of the complaintant, using the very arguments just presented against scientology. for a more rational, detailed breakdown of the nuances of scientology, click here.

what the photograph shows: detail of a metal plate covering some street surgery, parliament north of gerrard, cabbagetown.