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Question by lostmind0987654321: church music?
am i the only person on earth that fets freaked out my cristan church mucic?(i would say more or lesss catholic music than regular christan) i dont mean the new up beat stuff or any of the songs but more or less the old way they sang in europiean cathedrals. and i am not trying to bash any church i am just asking a honest question
i mean freaked out as in it scares me and i mean the stuff from the 1500s back i guess would be the time period.

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Answer by Hal H
Maybe it’s a matter of taste. I’m not sure what you mean by freaked out. Not what they did in the 60’s, I guess. Or do you run screaming from the church every time they start a Bach cantata?

Maybe you’re talking about four-part choral music, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Brahms, Palestrina, etc… with me, the more you listen to it, the more you understand and enjoy it. It helps to learn something about it in a music appreciation class, if you get the chance…

I’ve thought about it and maybe this feeling you have is an emotional response. A lot of this music is written to produce an emotional response, though I doubt they intended it to be negative.

Gregorian chant that you might hear monks in movies doing is kind of eerie… part of that is that they’re sometimes using a musical scale that you’re not used to. Another part may be that gregorian chant is sometimes used in the soundtrack of scary movies, to invoke the mysterious; so now you might associate it with horror movies….

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