Church decoration website?

Question by Springboard: Church decoration website?
Hi, I’m planning a wedding at church and plan to do the decorations all by ourselves to make things cheaper. Is there any website that I can “virtually” draw or arrange the decoration so I can see how it turns out to be before getting real in church? Thank you!

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Might work…

Design House Plan Online:
Floor Planner:

Google SketchUp (You can use Google SketchUp to create, modify and share 3D models. Software) –

The Home Renovator:

FREE Online Photo Editors:

1) PhotoShop’s Own Online Editor:
2) FotoFlexer – The world’s most advanced online photo editor:
3) HP Creative Studio:|754342|5B6843994A88BFA0|F2F8C3A3EA42CEAA14BCEC1E6AC241B6

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