Christ Church, Philadelphia

Christ Church, Philadelphia
Christ Church
Image by Frank DeFreitas
c. 1950’s Welcome to Christ Church in Philadelphia.

This Church’s message to you:

The men who founded America were convinced that God creates men equal and means them to be free.

They proclaimed this belief in the Declaration of Independence, established it by a Revolution, and protected it with a Constitution.

Surely, these men were Divinely inspired and guided!

The members of the Continental Congress, who produced the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, who led the Revolution and became first President, the members of the Constitutional Convention — these all worshipped God in CHRIST CHURCH in Philadelphia.

This Church reminds us that our nation is founded on religion — that freedom comes from God!

All Americans — of every faith — should visit this Church and renew their common faith in God and their country.

Come to Christ Church. Worship the God who creates us equal and means us to stay free.