Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church
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The Crypt
Christ Church also contains the largest cathedral crypt (63.4m long) in Britain or Ireland, constructed in 1172-1173. Having been renovated in the early 2000’s, it is now open for visitors.
The crypt contains various monuments and historical features, including:
the oldest known secular carvings in Ireland, two carved statues that until the late eighteenth century stood outside the Tholsel (Dublin’s mediƦval city hall, which was demolished in 1806)
a tabernacle and set of candlesticks which were used when the cathedral last operated (for a very short time) under the Roman rite, when the Catholic King James II, having fled England in 1690, came to Ireland to fight for his throne and attended High Mass in the temporarily re-catholicised Christ Church
the stocks, formerly in Christ Church Place, made in 1670 and used for the punishment of offenders before the Court of the Dean’s Liberty (the small area under the Cathedral’s exclusive civic authority), moved here in 1870
historic books and altar goods of the Cathedral

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