Christ Church?

Question by Sa_San: Christ Church?
What is the atmosphere like in Christ Church? I saw that it also includes the St. Lawerence Gap as well. Is it a tourist destination? Alot of locals hang out there? I am interested in nightlife (where soca, reggae music is played), and culture/history.
how often does public buses run?

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Answer by curious_kgirl
Well i live in barbados and the most night life you could find in barbados is in christ church. St. lawrence gap is in christ church as well as many cool and fun beaches. Singing sensation Rihanna has a club by the name of ” club 360″ in bridgetown. The buses run by the hour so the last bus is the 12 (midnight) o’clock bus then the first bus would be 5 am bus. After the 12 no more buses will be running until 5 am. If you wish to leave home you might would haveto call a taxi or just rent a car when travelling to barbados.
I hope you plan to come, it is a great place to vacate!!!

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