CBN News on Church Development in “God’s Economy”

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Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) November 1, 2009

CBN News recently aired a feature on Church Development Services (CDS) titled, “Church Building Company Prospers in God’s Economy.” The coverage put CDS on the map globally; offering hope to churches nationwide that are considering new construction.

CBN News reported that the downward spiral of the economy has put the dream of building or expanding on hold for many. Pat Robertson added that although many have had to close down business due to a bad economy, one construction firm (CDS) has nearly doubled its business during this recession.

The feature used Pine Grove Baptist Church, Petersburg, VA, as an example of what Glen Trematore, Principal, CDS, calls building in “God’s economy.”

Pine Grove needed to expand to accommodate its growing congregation. So, they moved forward on faith, hired CDS to design their church floor plans, and waited to see what God would do.

“We all knew it was God’s will for Pine Grove to expand when they were able to sell their old church at market price despite a depressed economy. They took the risk and looked past the fear, and now God is blessing them,” said Trematore.

Despite the fact that the banking system took a big hit in 2008, many churches are recognizing the value of CDS for their church building design needs. “Banks are recovering from the recession and unable to make the loans they could otherwise make. Our low-cost and creative financing, such as access to private equity, are offering solutions,” said Trematore.

Adding, “Because our church plans originate from a completed project, the costs are already known, giving you complete control of the church design budget. Because our fee structure is fixed, we are motivated to find ways to design a cost-effective building to construct.”

The mission of Church Development Services is to honor God by providing affordable, value added, church building solutions through education and consulting; and by using pre-designed church plans, customized plans, or turn-key solutions to meet the needs of each individual church.

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