St. Thomas Church in NYC?

Question by Kelly D: St. Thomas Church in NYC?
I was walkin in NYC a few days ago and I noticed the building right next to the church is #666…..any idea why? Is this a coincidence or did someone mean to do that. Also , Iv never heard anyone else mention this fact, Do not many people know about this?

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Answer by Jamerican Steve
LOL. We know of it and any new visitor using the 53rd Street Station.
It is luck (or the lack thereof) that the street number is close by.

What spooky is St. Thomas in Fairlawn, OH‎ with phone number is (330) 666-8006.

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Leipzig: Looking for the St. Thomas Church Hall?

Question by ANON: Leipzig: Looking for the St. Thomas Church Hall?
Hi. I am interesting in going to see a concert on Wednesday night in Leipzig, Germany; I was wondering whether anyone could decipher the following address? –
Parish hall of St. Thomas Church

Matthai House – Dittrichring 12 / Leipzig
I know of the Thomaskirche of course, but I wondered if this was just a different place?
Sorry and thanks in advance,

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Answer by Nemesis
Yes, it is a different place. If you know the Thomaskirche, Dittrichring 12 is, as the crow flies, half way between Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum and the Thomaskirchhof. If you come down the Großer Fleischergasse, go past the level at which you would turn left to Zum Arabischen, and then Dittrichring 12 is about half way from that point, again on your left, before you reach the Thomaskirchhof and St Thomas itself.

If you go to and query Dittrichring 12 Leipzig you will see the layout exactly.

All the best,

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High St. Methodist Church…

High St. Methodist Church…
St Church
Image by Јerry
© JerPhotography Twentyten

A shot of the church where Dylan attended preschool. A lovely old structure, it is! It was damaged many years ago during an ice storm.. it was entirely gutted by fire. It was restored to it’s former glory over several years of re-construction.. it is quite beautiful inside!

"Celebrate the lives of those that have enriched your own!"
Jerry 2009

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What are some good Chinese churches in St. Louis?

Question by Rosie: What are some good Chinese churches in St. Louis?
What are some good Chinese churches in St. Louis? I’m moving to St. Louis and want to learn more.

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Answer by Diane M
There are several Chinese churches in St. Louis. There are two in Chesterfied. Chinese Baptist and Chinese Christian There is a Chinese Gospel church in Ballwn There is the Lighthouse Chinese Church in south St. Louis City. They dont have a web site but are at 6490 Clayton 63139. 314-647-0202. Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

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